Sunday, 7 October 2018

A journey to Digital Classroms

Explorer Academy is a branch of Donate an Hour - DoaR India, which has been started to provide best in class education and support system to the bright underprivileged kids. The vision of Explorer Academy is to build a perfect combination of human and technology-driven classrooms which can present a whole new world to the underprivileged kids.
Normally these kids have not been exposed to any kind of digital interaction in class in previous schools.
At Explorer Academy, classrooms are equipped with Internet-ready smart TVs and a computer lab and recently Byju's donated 3 Lenovo tablets to strengthen complete digital classroom idea. These tabs are pre-loaded with Byju's world-class digital content. 
While these tabs have helped us to start personalized content delivery for students of Explorer Academy, we still need 3 more tabs to give every student a tablet for his/her personalized learning experience. Below are some photos of classrooms. 
Please visit and to know more about DoaR.

Monday, 21 August 2017

DoaR in Hyderabad

DoaR reached at Hyderabad

"If we really care, we would NOT make excuses; we would make efforts instead!" - Do you need proofs for this statement? Well, we have many and here is one... 

Mr Ashutosh.. One of our earliest volunteers at DOAR....
In a country of extreme diversity like India, it is not surprising for us to see people having big hard time to get adapted to the place, culture, food, etc,. when they move to a new place. Among all, one of the most important and hardest one to adapt to is the regional language.
I sincerely hope that no-one denies this. But none of these could deter Ashutosh. As a new entrant to Hyderabad from North India, Ashutosh was not an exception. He too was tested upon by these deterrents. But he knocked them down and has now seeded the concept of 'Donate an Hour' in the 'City of Nizams'.  

Now our first center in South India is 'LIVE'. Are you wondering how a single-man, who himself is new to the town, could do this? His never-ending enthusiasm to teach is the only ingredient. With this ingredient, he began teaching the kids of his guesthouse's caretaker, in the lobby there everyday and the ingredient is too powerful that it has brought many other underprivileged children in the nearby locality join him. Most importantly, he is pursuing all this alongside his demanding profession.

Inspiring, right? 
Are you someone who wants to give back to the society but not knowing how? If yes, set aside all your reservations. Believe in yourselves and join us. We don't look for people with specific age, qualification or background. We want people with the right purpose and motivation. 

Hurry up!!! Let us make an impact together!

Writer_Swathy Elango

Monday, 16 May 2016

Social Reconstructivism

Taking the initiative further to the slums of Village Tikri, DoaR started another Action Group in Sector 48.  Starting out with a group of around 30 children from the neighbouring slums, we observed that only 3 of those had been currently going to school. Many of these children had been going to schools in their home states but unfortunately, due to their parents relocating in search of better means of making a living; these kids have been reluctantly forced to give up on education.
The two day weekend session started on a fine note on Saturday with identification of the children and further subdivision into groups based on their current knowledge levels. Unsurprisingly, majority of the kids here were ones who were at the basic ABCD and numbers level. The kids showed an active interest in trying to learn and the little push was enough motivation for them to turn up in numbers on Sunday. The children were given sheets to draw and a number of them showed creative promise with some pretty vibrant and colourful drawings.
 However, Sunday’s class was marred a bit when a couple of the residents of Vipul World (location of the park near the slum in Sector 48, came in not to join in or commend the work, but rather to question us as to who had authorized us to take up such sessions in the park. DoaR had already contacted Vipul’s coordinators through previous landowners but the fellows at hand persisted. Finally with an effort to come to an agreement, it was mutually decided that we would be using a small park-sort of a clearing, adjacent to the beautifully maintained park, from now on.
Such altercations come before such non-profit organizations every now and then. A number of well off citizens, though good at heart, seldom tend to forget that these under privileged children are still but children who deserved to be treated without any discriminations, based on things like their social status or in some cases religion, which at their tender age, isn’t really under their control. When we tried to reiterate the fact that it was only a two hour thing, one of the visiting gentlemen said that we teach them inside the slums only, as the kids spend 22 hours in the dusty, unhygienic slums anyway. No matter however logical this answer seems, such a statement is in no way justified. These kids, even if sons and daughters of immigrant urban helpers and day-wagers belonging to the lowest strata of our so called ‘rich’ society deserve their right to education.
We were also warned that the residents, in the ‘welfare of the society, can get the whole premises fenced up. Isn’t the good of this lowest section of domestic help and their families included in this welfare?  The ones who taking care of our daily insignificant errands enable us to achieve much greater things in our lives. And moreover, the fact that we were allotted a place through their right next to the park takes the so-called issue of security right away. It can be comfortably said that, through the gradual privilege and comfort endowed, no matter due to one’s own hard work, sometimes makes a man completely ignorant to issues that he might support on a bigger scale.
We, in our own right have been trying to pursue a course of action that enables this significant section of the so called future of the country to achieve its true potential and not extinguish, rather unaware of the world they were blessed to be a part of. Negative approaches like these might hinder the process but it does nothing but further fuels the cause and strengthens the belief that no matter how open minded and intellectual our learned class of the citizens, the social divide still remains strong. There is sure a need for willing hands, looking beyond the doors of their homes, trying to achieve a greater collective good. No matter how much of a difference little steps make, we are proud to be a part of this philosophy.

Writer- Chitresh  Sehgal
Chitresh is an editor in a web based magazine.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


जब से मैंने गुड़गांव में कदम रख है इसकी धूल से मैं परेशां हूँ, लगता है कि धूल के महासागर में आ गयी हूँ ।पर क्या पता था कि इस धूल से जितना दूर जाने की कोशिश करूँगी उतना ही ये मेरे चारों तरफ नजर आएगी इसीलिए अपनी अलमारी में कुछ कपड़े जस के तस रखे हैं अब उन्हें कभी पहन नहीं पाती क्योंकि उनके गंदे होने का डर हमेशा बन रहता है। पर कुछ ख़ास मौके होते हैं और ऐसे मौकों पर मेरा कपड़ों को लेकर उत्साह कुछ अजीब सा ही रहा है जैसे कि नौकरी के इंटरव्यू में जाना हो तो क्या सही लगेगा, और क्या पता था कि इतनी ही तैयारी से अब मैं सरकारी स्कूलों में जाऊंगी बच्चों का दाखिला कराने !

सफ़ेद सूट और सलीके से कढ़े बाल, एक सभ्य महिला दिखने के लिए इतना काफ़ी है। इसी सोच विचार में कि आज़ तो सारे कागज़ भी हैं, अपने साथ चल रहे बच्चे की ओर देख कर मुस्कुरा देती हूँ पर बच्चे का ध्यान मेरी तरफ नहीं है, वो तो स्कूल के गेट से अंदर जाने को बेताब है ।

स्कूल की जमींन कच्ची है और उस पर गर्मी का मौसम, धूल उड़ उड़ कर मेरे कदम चूम रही है। कुछ मध्यम वर्गीय महिलाओं से मेरा वास्ता पड़ने लग जाता है जो लगता है कि बस मेरे ही इंतजार में बैठीं थीं। उनमे कौन मुख्यधापिका है पता नहीं पर उनमेंसे एक, मेरे अभिवादन पर  कान के पर्दे फाड़ देने वाली आवाज में चिल्ला कर अपने दाएं हाथ से मुझे बैठने का  इशारा करती हैं । मैं धूल से लिपी एक कुर्सी पर ना, ना  कहते हुए भी बैठ जाती हूँ। " तो इस बच्चे की तो उम्र ज्यादा  हो गयी है और बड़ी क्लास के लायक इसे कुछ आता नहीं"। अपने अनुभवों से मैं जानती हूँ कि कोई भी दलील बेकार ही जाएगी फिर भी विनती वाली मुद्रा में एक हाथ बच्चे के सिर पर रख कर बस इतना ही कहती हूँ देख लीजिये मैडम, ये बच्चा ऐसे तो कभी स्कूल नहीं जा पाएगा ।

मैडम की मुद्रा में कोई बदलाव का चिन्ह नहीं है, " तो इन्हें घर पर पढ़ाओ और जब इसकी उम्र वाली क्लास के लायक हो जायेगा तब ले आना, कर लेंगे एडमिशन"। सुझावों के वार मुझ पर होने लगे हैं, सरकार के नियमों को दोष दूँ या खुद को, मेरे मन में गुस्से का तूफ़ान चल रहा है जो बाहर नहीं आ सकता पर धूल का एक अंधड़ कमरे में आ चुका है।

गर्मी की धूप जो सुबह पर हावी हो गयी है वो माथे पर पसीने के बुलबुले बनाने लगी है, पता नहीं कैसा पसीना है ये जो आज सुबह से बहाये जा रही हूँ।

कहने सुनने में बहुत समय ख़राब कर लिया है और अब स्कूल के दरवाजे के बाहर मैं खड़ी हूँ, जैसे निष्कासित कर दी गई हूँ । झुक कर मैं अपने कदमों की इस धूल से छुटकारा पाने की चेष्टा में हूँ,  इनका यूं लिपट कर छमायाचन मुझे स्वीकार नहीं ! गुस्सा ज्यादा हूँ या निराश, पता नहीं । "तो मैडम मेरा दाखिला हो जायेगा ना?", कैसे बताऊँ इस बच्चे को कि तेरा इस स्कूल की धूल से कोई सरोकार नहीं।


Saturday, 16 April 2016

"डोर"  DoaR

चंद घंटे बांटने से सुलझ जाती हैं जो, मैं हूँ उन उलझनों का तोड़,
भटकते बचपन को राह दिखाती है जो, मैं हूँ शिक्षा का वो मोड़,
सताती है मासूम भोली ज़िंदगियों को जो, मैं हूँ उन तकलीफों का चोर,
बिखरती उम्मीदों को बांधे रखा है जिसने, मैं हूँ संवेदनाओ की वो डोर।

मुसीबतो के वज्रपात से जन्मा हूँ मैं, मैं हूँ आत्मशक्ति की गर्जन घनघोर,
मासूमो को तिरस्कार से तड़पते देख उठती है जो, मैं हूँ रूह की वो झकझोर,
आती हूँ निराशाओं की अँधेरी रात के बाद, मैं हूँ उजली आशाओ की भोर,
बंधी है मासूम मुस्कानों की ताबीज़ जिसमे, मैं हूँ दुआओं की वो डोर।

बेजान आँखों में चमक देखनी है मुझे, मैं हूँ निरन्तर इसी भावना से विभोर,
पंख फैलाए झूमता है परोपकार की वर्षा में जो, मैं हूँ संतुष्टि का वो मोर,
सुनना नहीं चाहती ये दुनिया मुझे, मैं हूँ सहस्त्र उपेक्षित स्वरों का शोर,
बेबस आँखों ने पिरोये हैं सपनो के मोती जिसमे, मैं हूँ संभावनाओं की वो डोर।

मानवता के निर्बल पुल को सम्भाले रखा है मैंने, मैं हूँ आस्था और करूणा का जोड़,
तकलीफों के तूफ़ान नहीं हरा पाये जिन दिलो को, मैं हूँ उन अपराजितो का ज़ोर,
खुशियों की कश्ती को बाँधा है लाचारी के समंदर में, मैं हूँ निष्ठा की लंगर का छोर,
मुफ़लिसी के आसमान में उड़ाई है ख्वाहिशो की पतंगे जिसने, मैं हूँ हौसलों की वो डोर।

                                                                -विवेक टिबड़ेवाल

Friday, 15 April 2016

"क्या दुनिया बदल रही है बहुत तेज़ी से?", हुई मुझे यह जिज्ञासा,
ढूंढने पर पाया, वाकई बदल रही है वेशभूषा, बदल रही है भाषा,
वक्त के साथ साथ पूरी दुनिया वाकई बदल रही है,
लेकिन वक़्त से भी तेज़ बदल रही है इंसानियत की परिभाषा।

वक़्त था एक जब शिक्षा ना विज्ञान की थी, ना गणित की थी,
भाषा थी इंसानियत की, ना अंग्रेजी की थी, ना संस्कृत की थी,
दधिचि-शिवि करते थे दान अपने हाड़मांस,
वो वक़्त था जब सर्वोच्च शिक्षा पराये-हित की थी।

गलतियां हमारी ढूंढने पर, मन में एक कौतुहल सा मचता है,
भला MBA/B.Tech की शिक्षा में इंसानियत का विषय कहाँ जंचता है?
अगर मासूम दबते है लालच के पुलों तले,
तो इस बनावटी शिक्षा का अर्थ भी कहाँ बचता है?
वादियों और नदियों को हासिल करने, बहाते है हम खून की धार,
इंसानो के इस जंग में, इंसानियत निरन्तर जाती है हार,
खैर क्या बात करूँ इंसानियत की इस दुनिया में,
जिस दुनिया में "रक्षा" के लिए बनते है परमाणु हथियार।

आखिर जो भी हो, शर्म से इंसानो को ही आँखें मुंदनी पड़ती है,
जब सात अरब इंसानो के बीच इंसानियत ढूंढनी पड़ती है,
इस दुनिया के आगोश में जब भी दम तोड़ती है कोई "निर्भया",
तब हज़ारों इंसानो के बीच इंसानियत हज़ारों मौत मरती है।
                                                              - विवेक टिबड़ेवाल

Thursday, 14 April 2016

हम परिंदे आसमॅा के, हमपे किसका जोर है 
हम परिंदे आसमॅा के, हमपे किसका जोर है 
हम बच्चे गुड़गांव के, देखते तेरी ओर है 
हम देखते है सारे रंग होली के और जिंदगी के,
हम खेलते सारे संग, छोटे और बड़ो के,
हम जाते स्कूल और साथ में ट्यूशन भी,
हम पढते doar के संग और पढते घर पर भी 
कोई हमे सिखाता, कोई हंसाता, कोई पढाता खूब है 
हम परिंदे आसमॅा के, हमपे किसका जोर है

हम रहते एक कमरे मेंं और जानते शहर का हाल,
हम रहते मस्ती मेंं और है बिखरे हुए बाल,
पर पढते साथ हम बिना भेदभाव के है,
जीने का सलीका और ज्ञान देता हमारा DoaR है 
होली दीवाली साथ मनाते यहीं तो खुशिंयो का छोर है 
हम परिंदे आसमॅा के, हमपे किसका जोर है 

हम आने वाले सूरज और सितारो की  है शुरूआत,
हम हर रात को रोशन करदें है हममें वो बात,
तुम भी करो अब अगुवाई करना किसका इंतजार है,
जब कर लिया फैसला तो फिर कुछ सोचना बेकार है,
तेरा साथ और वक्त चाहिए वरना लगन तो भरपूर है,
हम परिंदे आसमॅा के, हमपे किसका जोर है 

                                                     - निशांत सिंह 

Rishikesh with DoaRians

"Friendship is born at the moment when one man says to another "what, you too?" I thought that no one but myself"
As the time flew, donate an hour flourished into a large organization from a petty amount of volunteers. People from different educational backgrounds and idiosyncrasies joined their hands together to hit a common goal but the crux of the situation was that we were still, unexplored or let me say, nameless.
Donate an Hour gave all of us an opportunity to know each other via a small trip and come out of our chassis.
So here, I am briefing my experience to all of you.
It was more of a catch-22 situation for me, as I hardly knew anyone. Day before the trip, I was quite apprehensive and vigorously tossed the coin, as if the whole verdict of my dilemma lies on head and tails. Vaguely, I packed my bags and like a sweating bullet waited for the day ahead.

DAY 1:
We were divided into small groups, each having a group coordinator whose sole priority was to wake you up and lead to the railway station. Well, to call a person like me in the morning, whose phone goes on and off continuously because of lack of backup or should I say because of hefty amount of technical apps installed, is a challenging task. Surprisingly, my friends are used to it but my group coordinator was not and hence, he had to face the consequences. I was lost. Indeed, he was able to find me and the mission "Finding Neha” was assuredly accomplished on time.
We reached the railway station at around 6:15 AM and enduringly jostled through the monotonous security check of Delhi railway station to get across our platform .We all swarmed into a place where we could count ourselves. Damn, we were 23 in number. I could recollect few of them from the pictures posted on whatsapp group. About half an hour later, we boarded the train. I rushed as fast as I could to get the seat near the socket point. As we all settled down, we realized that something was missing. Who could travel for about 5-6 hours in a quiet mode? We ought to do something eye-popping and grooving, distinctively when we have a handful of guitarists, actors and comedians. We had Gujjus , Bongs , Punjus (including me), Telugu all together under one roof.
Before, disclosing the train scenario let me brief you all about my acting skills. I had a poor record of making a winning team lose because of my disastrous acting skills and embarrassing my best friends through my god-awful mimicry and yes, I had even forced my seniors to throw me out of the stage because of this skill.
So we, played dumbsharads. I had made the best of the efforts to hide myself behind the seat but alas! All went in vain Umm..I guess, I am not that lean. Certainly, I displayed my pathetic artistry audaciously.
I may sound witty but it is entertaining to irritate the people around you in the moving train with all your noise and games. Although there were some horrible interruptions in between, like a monstrous TT, whose sole objective was to snap out someone who did not carry his or her ID card. Reiteratively, I was in the list of defaulters. Delightedly, I had a copy of my DL in my email. And bang on it was a narrow escape. Although, I had alternate plans of hiding myself in the washroom, till the whole checking process completes, but I was relieved to see that there were few others to accompany me.
At around 12, we reached Haridwar, the yoga capital of the world and geared ourselves to march towards laxman jhula via tempo ride. Unlike, a normal auto, tempos ensure that you don’t get sandwiched and have a comfortable polluted fun ride.
From Laxman jhulla, we headed towards our camping destination. Amid all this excitement, my mind was continuously meddling as to what was camping all about? So I enquired one of the guys. I was tantalized and transfixed to a whole new world when he told me about camping.
The camps were spacious and knocked around a river .The place was exquisite. But the can of the worms was, we were still strangers. A foxy place to entice but obliviousness of the situation butchered the whole frenzy. Gratefully, we had an introductory session at the bonfire where we got to know each other. The melodramatic part was that everyone had some covert green thumbs. I was surprised to discover the occult know-hows of everyone. One was a good writer while the other was a fantabulous guitarist. One had a knack for flute and the other cherished writing poems.
Admirable weather, modish songs and dance added pep to the trip. I, being a drowsy laggard of all, went to sleep early. However, I heard someone waking me up saying there was a bunch of lizards in my tent but I was too lazy to even get up and scream.
DAY 2:
Towards the next day, we had plans for White Water Rafting. We were clefted into small assortments and were directed about the commands that are used while rafting. It was 16 km long journey, starting from Shivpuri with 9 peculiarly named rapids. I mean who names something as “Double trouble” or “Butterfly”. I had only one command to follow "GO AHEAD AND DOWN" as I was the balancing beam of my raft. It was a spine-tingling experience, giving an adrenaline rush to my veins.
After two hours of demanding water sport, we docked to a cafe for lunch. We ordered everything which looked pleasing and tempting on the menu and thereafter, realized that we should have given a third thought to it because the second thought just kicked the first thought saying "Let it be”. Subsequently, relishing the scenic view of Ganga from the café, we finally marched en route to Parmarth Niketan ashram, the spiritual haven built on the banks of Ganga. The beguile environment of the ashram is merely appeasing. And an icing on the cake was a blunt glimpse of Baba Ramdev..tongue emoticon
The whole journey to Rishikesh was bang on titillation to my stimuli. I not only learned new things but also had a jaw dropping experience which shall linger throughout my life and yes of course, I made a lot of cool friends

Writer- Neha Arora, April 14, 2016, Gurugram