Monday, 21 August 2017

DoaR in Hyderabad

DoaR reached at Hyderabad

"If we really care, we would NOT make excuses; we would make efforts instead!" - Do you need proofs for this statement? Well, we have many and here is one... 

Mr Ashutosh.. One of our earliest volunteers at DOAR....
In a country of extreme diversity like India, it is not surprising for us to see people having big hard time to get adapted to the place, culture, food, etc,. when they move to a new place. Among all, one of the most important and hardest one to adapt to is the regional language.
I sincerely hope that no-one denies this. But none of these could deter Ashutosh. As a new entrant to Hyderabad from North India, Ashutosh was not an exception. He too was tested upon by these deterrents. But he knocked them down and has now seeded the concept of 'Donate an Hour' in the 'City of Nizams'.  

Now our first center in South India is 'LIVE'. Are you wondering how a single-man, who himself is new to the town, could do this? His never-ending enthusiasm to teach is the only ingredient. With this ingredient, he began teaching the kids of his guesthouse's caretaker, in the lobby there everyday and the ingredient is too powerful that it has brought many other underprivileged children in the nearby locality join him. Most importantly, he is pursuing all this alongside his demanding profession.

Inspiring, right? 
Are you someone who wants to give back to the society but not knowing how? If yes, set aside all your reservations. Believe in yourselves and join us. We don't look for people with specific age, qualification or background. We want people with the right purpose and motivation. 

Hurry up!!! Let us make an impact together!

Writer_Swathy Elango